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Camper History

Camper Boots and Shoes

Camper is the living history of a family business from a great family of innovators, who for more than a century and involving four generations have dedicated themselves to the footwear industry. Camper, as a unique brand, was established in 1975. In order to fully understand the very core of Camper, its values and commitment, one has to go back more than 120 years.

In 1877, Antonio Fluxà, a skilled cobbler, set sail for England to investigate new methods of industrial manufacturing. Upon his return, he gathered together the best leather craftsmen in Inca (Mallorca) and introduced them to the first machines used to manufacture shoes. An impressive symbol of enlightenment! An innovative spirit transmitted down the line to future generations, as well as a deep respect for their profession, for quality products, and above all function.

Antonio Fluxà begat Lorenzo Fluxà, who was born inside their shoe factory. Lorenzo inherited from his father both his taste and his enthusiasm for this simple object, always in pairs, that keeps us connected to the ground. He continued with his father’s tradition of indulgence when it comes to quality while using innovative industrial manufacturing.

Camper Old School Warehouse

The historical and social changes experienced in Spain in the mid 1970’s were reflected in a new attitude to life. New styles, new concepts, a new spirit of adventure flourished. The solid support of a century old tradition, allowed Lorenzo Fluxà, Antonio’s grandson, to create Camper in 1975. Camper was born to be a brand: its concept was to reflect a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking based on freedom but also encompassing comfort and creativity.

In 1981, the first Camper store debuted in Barcelona. A concept that revolutionised the world of footwear retailing, incorporating a bold graphic element and a ground-breaking functional display of sizes.

In 1992, international expansion began. Branches were opened in the major fashion capitals of Europe: London, Paris and Milan. Today Camper has maintained its primary position in Spain, having maintained a healthy growth without interruption over the course of four generations! We are proud to carry Camper at Ma Petite Shoe, bringing the best of European design to Baltimore.

This spring our Camper selection includes  minimalist skimmers, the Right Nina, and a cool sandal, the Stetson Miami,  with measuring tape detailing:

The newest edition to the Camper family at Ma Petite Shoe is the Prati heel, done up in a fine whiskey leather with  whimsical double stitching:

In the “chic sneak” category we show three more casual laceups:

The leather Imar (shown above), and two canvas styles, the Terra with an espadrille sole, and Rambla Flame, a vintage mediterranean sneaker, with a molded sole.

The Rambla Flame (shown above) has an inscription: Sea, land, sun and culture…a rural shoe born in Mallorca in the 1920’s, redesigned by Camper in 1975 to be its first shoe and today reinterpreted in a collection that celebrates a way of life.

We’ve known and loved Camper for a while and hope this little bit of their history makes you adore them too!  Come see the full collection yourself in-store or at mapetiteshoe.com.

Happy New Year from Ma Petite Shoe!

ImageIt’s now 2012, and shoes have never looked so great in the store!  We have picked a variety of styles to feature to give you a glimpse of what 2012 has to offer.

To start, we have Jeffrey Campbell’s Lulu Suede.  We featured this shoe in one of our look books we adore it so much.  A Ma Petite Shoe and Jeffrey Campbell Collaboration! A little mod love goes a long way. Wear to your color-blocked heart’s content!
Jeffrey Campbell’s Sherry in Blue Suede is a classic silhouette with modern accents in a beautiful color. The Sherry can go from modern vintage styling to contemporary styling in a snap.
Kelsey Fur from Jeffrey Campbell is adorable, fun, and can add serious edge to any outfit.  The Kelsey is also available as Kelsey Black and Kelsey Fab Floral.

What!?  Another great bootie from the wicked minds of Irregular Choice.  Combining fabric and textures, the Motherly Love in Black will give you all the maternal warmth you’ve been missing.  Also available as Motherly Love Purple.

Matiko’s Jovanna Black is a wedge to turn heads.  It’s sleekness, height, and asymmetrical cut makes us drool.  These shoes are truly high and mighty.

Gee’WaWa Cadence in Black is a leather oxford complete with a padded leather footbed.  Despite the height, a built in insert known as the “cookie” makes this shoe surprisingly comfortable.  These shoes mash old school with new school, in a very schooled way.

Jeffrey Campbell Clift Tapestry is a lot of darling in a 4″ stacked heel.  The flocking of the tapestry really adds dimension.  This is a fun style that can either blend or pop, depending on how it’s worn.

Our Jeffrey Campbell Dressen in Color-Blocked Suede is a little bit Jane Fonda and a little bit Bridgette Bardot. The color-blocking in suede makes these feel extra rich!

All of us here at Ma Petite Shoe wish you a great New Year.  May your shoes bring you luck in 2012!